Intermec hand held RF data collection device


Shop Floor Application
shop floor application

Shop floor control using bar coded data collection is a growing trend in the manufacturing sector. Increasingly manufacturers are being driven to deliver higher quality products in shorter periods of time. To remain competitive in this new global fast-paced business environment, a manufacturer will need to generate higher productivity from existing resources.

Data collection

    Confusion on the shop floor is not the result of a lack of effort. Production control personnel and supervisors spend many hours each day to research the current status of all of the jobs on the floor and develop a work schedule.

    Intermec hand held RF data collection device
  Easy Collect® shop floor data collection system provides real-time labor and production reporting of all activities that generally take place on the shop floor for online production visibility throughout the enterprise. It provides the visibility that production control personnel and supervisors need to plan and execute a work schedule increasing productivity from existing resources.  

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